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About Beerbelly Bees

Beerbelly Bees is a small producer of natural, pure honey.

If you wish to purchase our honey person or have any questions, please email us using the Contact Us page. We are located near Medina, Ohio. Please click this link for a Google map.

Most commercially produced honey is  a mixture of two or more honeys differing in floral source, color, flavor, density or geographic origin. While this provides a consistent, predictable product, the honey loses any unique character. At Beerbelly Bees, we take this to the other extreme. Each bottle of our honey comes from one harvest of a single hive of bees. This provides unique flavors based on what mix of flowers workers from that particular hive visited.

Our summer honey is considered polyfloral honey (also known as wildflower honey) is derived from the nectar of many types of flowers. Our fall honey is also polyfloral, but is dominated by the intense flavor from goldenrod flowers that are so prevalent in late summer in Ohio.

To all of you, from all of us at Beerbelly Bees - Thank you and happy shopping!

Here is a fun, but shaky video of us pulling a frame of honey out of one of our hives.

To all of you, from all of us at Beerbelly Bees - Thank you and Happy Shopping....bzzzzz!